Times past

Following on from the news I got the other day, I dug out my old negative archive. I have a new archive, also of negatives and mainly colour, but revisiting 35mm Black & White I have noticed how frugal I was in making images when we were saving for a deposit to buy a house. […]

By Any Means

A brief flash on the screen whilst I caught up with By Any Means the other night showed this piece of art just off Brick Lane The above taken on Nikon P6000 The original Man at Work was taken on Agfa Vista 200 on an FE2


I am part of a collective of photographers who operate under the banner ‘equals’ and the group blog is at http://equalsphoto.wordpress.com/ We met up on Monday to finalise our activities for a 2 week residency that we are taking up in Ipswich Town Hall. As a part of that  activity we are producing work that […]

Out of the gutter

I have swung into action picking up other threads of work following my gutter exercises and found other shapes and colours that attract me. I normally have a camera about my person and some days it is a juggle to choose which one on top of or instead of the ever faithful Nikon P6000. Just […]

Red letter(sic)

As a part of my recent exercise into photographing yellow on the street for the Fujifilm Student Awards ‘the colour of…’ competition, I have been drawn to litter and wondering why and who discards is. For some time now on my walk into UCS, I have noticed discarded used condoms near St Edmund’s House where […]

40 Years on

Articles in the press last week about Don McCullin’s new film found me rummaging through his autobiography ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’ and pondering on the look and feel of the images he is renowned for – Black & White  Vietnam war and others. The report on his recent and possibly last war reporting  in Aleppo showed an […]

Film or Digital?

In the seemingly never ending march of increased mega-pixel sensors do we take time to step back and ask whether we really need them? I have shot 6x6cm through to 35mm to early digital 3.3  mega-pixel through to 8 mega-pixel Dx and 12 mega-pixel Fx and back to 35mm film, 6x6cm film and 5×4″ film. […]

Formats – what to use?

I shoot in a variety of formats from 35mm film through APS sized, Dx and Fx digital to 6x6cm and 5×4″ film. I found over the years that that my taking rate rate increased drammatically even by not using the burst rate. I realised that I could afford to chance it and not really ‘waste […]