Landscape Rebels - Christchurch Mansion October 2022-April 2023

An edit from my series 'Welcome to the Funny Farm' -(see the full series in Photo-essays), was selected to exhibit in Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich as part of Landscape Rebels The curator selected 19 images from the series and then identified four of these to be printed by me, and framed and hung by the Museum. Landscape Rebels opened to the public at Christchurch Mansion on 22nd October 2022 through to 16th April 2023. I was honoured to be hanging with Constable, Turner, Monet, Pissarro, Steer and other contemporary artists.

The four prints that were hung in Landscape Rebels

These were the first exhibits to be seen on entering the exhibition space and were hung in the Local Rebels section. The description of Local Rebels from the exhibition space is "Local Rebels provide inspiration and demonstrate how we can make positive changes to our landscape"

Local Rebels

The other 15 images were listed on the side of the display with a QR code linking to my home page where they were displayed for the duration of the exhibition.

The 15