Southwold - last week of meteorological Winter

What a welcome! I suppose siestas, gazebos and picnics are OK during the day

We took a late Winter break in Southwold. Bitterly cold and the light was not always the best but the place was reasonably empty of grockles which is the way I like it. I came away with one image that will tax my post-production efforts to the limits. I think many photographers get fixated on re-processing an image be it in the darkroom or by using software.


No mini-album of Southwold would do without a shot of the pier. Low level cloud had just lifted about 1430hrs having hung like a damp cloak all day as it does on the East coast.

Harbour paraphernalia

Mobile stuff

Mostly, I had a dog hanging off my left arm on a lead so the best camera I had was the phone in my pocket

Cornish Ice Cream on the Suffolk Coast

And no, that is not barrel distortion on the left upright!