Snow falling on freshly tipped manure with yellow traffic cone on allotment

Life without hope is hopeless as they say.

If anything, aspects of the last 10 months have been hopeless but that in the main is the hoplessness of our inept government who no doubt live in the hope that COVID-19 might just go away if only they can procrastinate long enough.

For the rest of us though, we have to live in the hope that this pestilence will soon reach its peak and that we might all eventually receive some form of vaccine. Of vaccines, it certainly is my hope that the people who care for us and aminister to us in our darkest hours get their hopes of being vaccinated accelerated and done properly within the suggested timeframes of the manufacturers and not at the mercy of some box ticking minister looking to acheive a world record for something.

I live in a perpetual state of hope with regards to my allotments where I try to grow in an organic and ‘no dig’ way relying on the use of homemade organic compost hopefully providing all the nutirents my plants need. In that respect I live in hope of reaching that visible state of hope on our field when I yearn to discover the yellow cone on my plot which is an indicator that, hopefully, muck will be delivered to my plot next and thus this state of hope was realised last Saturday just 30 minutes before I made this image. My hopes had been dashed for a few weeks whilst the yard fixed their trailer.
I had to work hard and fast to mix in a ton of rotting leaves to this this organic stable waste and get it covered from the worst of the snow. My hope now is that I can get the temperature up to 60 celsius to hopefully kill off the pathogens and weed seeds.

I’m just hoping for some drier weather now and then hopefully I’ll be able to weed a bit.

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