Places revisited

So, a day off from building work today as the motley crew of East Anglian Contemporary photographers stuffed the latest edition of the RPS Contemporary Journal into envelopes for mailing. With the extremely cold snap, I dragged a camera bag out just in case something of merit awaited me and sure enough, the scary wood […]

The busyness of ports

I am all fired up at present. It is 5 months until we open a biennial exhibition. I meet up from time to time with other itinerant photographers and we show our work in a public exhibition and it is all go at present preparing advertising material. Talking of exhibitions, I have struggled to get […]

Rat Poison, Water Towers and Dog Turds. It must be Southwold

Mrs O and I took a mini-break to Southwold, that quintessentially English seaside resort, the week before last. Mrs O went for the ‘Ways with Words’ event and I opted to look at the backside of Southwold, the landward side seen only by people walking the dykes and exercising and evidentially emptying their dogs. Now, […]

Waiting, just waiting

We spend much of our lives waiting. Waiting for buses, trains, the light to change, for something to happen like the lights going out on the grid of an F1 race and waiting for the end of whatever it is we have been waiting for. I certainly spend more time than I ought to waiting […]

Well, I’d never be a tailor with stitching like that

Back of Tate St Ives building site

I know my eyes were weary yesterday after a Thursday starting at 05:30 in St Ives and finishing at 05:30 in Ipswich on Friday but what poor stitching in that 10 minutes after sunrise image! I noticed it only when I zoomed to full screen much later on. I had half expected some issues especially […]

Of schools and other stuff

St Ives harbour low tide 50 minutes before sunrise

I have been away. I am now back albeit somewhat jaded having spent a week in St Ives (Cornwall). Now, sometimes it takes me a while to cotton on to the ways of the wily (as in coyote) and the penny dropped when Mrs O was in need of a Cornwall fix, she likes a […]

Learning and the passage of time

Felixstowe docks at dawn

Just about 5 years ago next week I walked, if not bounced, through the doors of University Campus Suffolk to start the degree course I ought to have started in 1973. I have spoken about this before and the fact that I could not have produced the degree project I made in 2014 in 1976 […]

Cardinals and buoys

I might have been taken to a dodgy link at the weekend that reported a fire at the old Wardle Storeys building at Cattawade. I was otherwise busy with a make and mend phase on the back of our house, so much so I was painting windows at 0600 Sunday morning. After finishing off a […]

Colour, tricycles and the passage of time

As is often my want when out on the bike first thing on a dry morning (I don’t do wet), I change my route on a whim. This morning I decided to check out the entrance to the British Sugar site at Sproughton, a happy hunting ground for Edgelands images. I chanced upon this new […]

The show must go on

Bumping into Kate Jackson on Friday night made me realise I had been neglecting my ongoing Edgelands work. The Spring and Summer has been far too wet and windy for the Large Format gear so I extended my parameters and began shooting some images digitally. Regular readers will know that if it is dry in […]