Latent images

I have been otherwise distracted of late what with work then the Christmas/New Year break complete with inappropriate large format weather systems, so it was a relief to gather 20 latent images back from the lab this week. I had forgotten how long ago November was but I was delighted to get these two images […]

Rat Poison, Water Towers and Dog Turds. It must be Southwold

Mrs O and I took a mini-break to Southwold, that quintessentially English seaside resort, the week before last. Mrs O went for the ‘Ways with Words’ event and I opted to look at the backside of Southwold, the landward side seen only by people walking the dykes and exercising and evidentially emptying their dogs. Now, […]

Flower Power

Now then. Most people of a certain age would think I am about to start writing about the 60s with a title like this. Yes, I am in my 60s and trying to cram as much into the daylight hours as possible, and yes I think the Lib Dems suggestion of legalising cannabis is a […]

The sands of time. 21st Century meets Pliocene

A few months back Mrs O and I trundled up to our local beach resort of choice – Southwold. Now, apart from knitting and stuff Mrs O likes nothing better than books so she looks forward to ‘Ways with Words’. It usually coincides with Remembrance Sunday and weather permitting (it did not in 2015) I […]

Place and Placement

Well now, I was recharging spiritual batteries in Southwold yesterday as at least they are batteries that I can recharge unlike the replacements for my recently stolen ones that are proving difficult to obtain. Enough of that. I took a leisurely stroll along the promenade towards the pier whilst Mrs O was learning all about […]

Learning and the passage of time

Felixstowe docks at dawn

Just about 5 years ago next week I walked, if not bounced, through the doors of University Campus Suffolk to start the degree course I ought to have started in 1973. I have spoken about this before and the fact that I could not have produced the degree project I made in 2014 in 1976 […]

Positives, negatives and Wrong Moves from a mad week

There is a saying in the photographic world that if you do not photograph something within 6 months of arriving in a place then that place will never be the same 6 months on. These days I think we need to wind that back to 7 – 10 days. Such are the turbulent times we […]

That was a week that was

I don’t know if it is me getting older or the sands of time have speeded up but I just don’t know where the time goes these days. This time last week Mrs O and I were in Leeds, a wetter than wet Leeds even though in the past I have seen the Aire so […]

Foggy and Clegg take lunch somewhere in Suffolk

It was a long day yesterday. I’m taking part in a longish project documenting the docklands of the Orwell with a number of of other photographers, commercial, professional and amateur. Ipswich wet dock has been recorded since the dawn of photography and this weekend saw the increasingly popular Ipswich Maritime Festival take place with thousands […]

Re-visiting Edgelands and missing treacle tart

This morning Mrs O and I went over to the Museum of East Anglian Life to see the exhibition on the first full day it was open to the public. I have virtually lived the exhibition since I completed the maquette with scale images but Mrs O was far too busy on the PV to […]