Old dogs and new tricks

A fellow nomadic photographer chum remarked on Monday that he wanted trade in his RB for a Fuji GW670, also known as the Texas Leica. Well, yesterday I spent a hectic 8 hours scanning negatives for Year 3 students at UCS. I’m very impressed with the work submitted for scanningĀ  and I’m looking forward to […]

Foggy and Clegg take lunch somewhere in Suffolk

It was a long day yesterday. I’m taking part in a longish project documenting the docklands of the Orwell with a number of of other photographers, commercial, professional and amateur. Ipswich wet dock has been recorded since the dawn of photography and this weekend saw the increasingly popular Ipswich Maritime Festival take place with thousands […]

Getting on with other work

The last year has been crazy getting Edgelands up and onto a wall and the last week has been even crazier but life and work go on. I’m looking at rebuilding this site so I started experimenting with new designs last week. It will take a while to work out what works best but I […]

Edgelands Exhibition – all crated up

All the work is now ready and crated up for transfer to The Museum of East Anglian Life. Now that the artwork is done it is final editing of museum catalogues, labels etc. If anyone ever thought that we artists just make pictures all day then let this dissuade you. The rather excellent ‘What do […]

Edgelands – the cull has started

I had to go into UCS today for a meeting so I took advantage of the vast and empty Fusion Lab to lay out 75 printed medium format images from the last edit of the series. This time last year Lux Locus were busy preparing to hang a pre-degree show exhibition in Ipswich Town Hall […]

Alert, Vigilant and gone for a Burton

I was alerted to the Trinity House vessel moored in the Wet Dock a few days ago but last night as I made my way from the station to the UCS campus to visit the ‘Untitled.’ degree show student’s exhibition last night at St Clement Church I noticed a revenue cutter was moored alongside the […]