All is not what it seems

I have been a bit perturbed of late with mud-slinging and ill-considered and rather quick attempts at finger-pointing by politicians. It is as if they have well and truly embraced sound bite culture with little thought for analysis until the post-mortem of the fallout. These same people will hide behind the slowly turning wheels of […]

Closed on a Tuesday FFS

I had to go up to town on Tuesday for a business meeting that concluded at lunchtime. I knew I had to write stuff up but the sun was shining, it was bitterly cold but London was shimmering like a necklace of precious jewels. Ah ha methinks, next meeting at the RSA off the Strand […]

Steamed up and creative

I had to go up to town yesterday for a meeting with the Rooftop Collective. We meet once per month to discuss our artistic progression and business management. Yesterday’s topic was about email lists and marketing ourselves. I had bounced down to the station in high spirits having had a very productive session with another […]

Gallery romping

I had to go up to town earlier this week so I took the opportunity to look in a few galleries; Photographer’s Gallery – but by the time I got there I’d just missed the the last show until March by 12 hours Beetles & Huxley for Joel Sternfield GX Gallery for Nicolas Laborie’s collodian […]

Some things stay the same

I have previously mentioned my commuting days and recently posted a gallery of my Old Buffers. Well, last night I was up in town for the first 2017 meeting of The Rooftop Collective and as is my want and indeed the learned practice of getting the train before the train that gets me in on […]

Privatised NHS

Walking to work this morning I took a circuitous route and followed my nose. The smell was intoxicating to say the least and then I found it, nestling amongst the privations of city life – an old NHS ambulance dispensing medicines of a porcine and ovine kind. Is this what the Tories mean by privatising […]

Street art

  Over the years that I was at University, I would make regular excursions to the Brick Lane area to marvel at the constantly changing murals on the side walls of this ethnically diverse part of London. I always marvel at how the street scene changes with the hour of the day here. This shot […]

Canterbury Tales

Last Sunday I had to drive down to Canterbury for work. I don’t like and have always avoided travelling away on a Sunday evening but at times needs must. The forecast was ominous and I could see what I was driving into with a blindingly bright setting sun to my right and the Hades like […]

An antidote to Black Friday

Yesterday I was in London. I had to go to take part in an analytical workshop for user experience of using a website. The outcomes were to create an improved experience with a new site yet to be developed. I wondered about time to grab some pictures but popped the P6000 into my bag. It […]