Back on location, and a bitterly cold one at that

I have vegetated of late, not in a totally senseless coach potato sort of way but nevertheless still vegetative when compared to my normal MO. Christmas came and went and I got stuck into the post production work on the 20 latent images referred to in my last post. That was very productive and so […]

Ways of nature

October was a relatively quiet month for me in photographic terms. The large format gear did not see the light of day on account of inconvenient times for low tide and singularly inclement weather. Far too much wind and rain. A week ago Monday I was up and out before sunrise, much more civilised this […]

Worth the wait

I’ve been making images of Kingfishers since 2008. I cannot begin to reconcile how many hours I have spent idling along a river in a boat or stood motionless in a spot where I knew of their whereabouts often as not freezing to the core or braced against a stiff breeze. Not once in countless […]

Always something new to learn

I’ve been getting my eye back in with a very obliging male Kingfisher. By getting my eye in, I mean retuning my responses and also re-learning the technobabble associated with using digital SLR cameras and lenses. It is light years away from but so close to using skills and techniques with large format film. Here […]

Game on

The other day, I reported the fact that I’d sighted my first estuarine Kingfisher of the autumn as I was making work on large format film at Cattawade. Low tide today was about 13:30 so no film was about to be wasted as I don’t like shooting in such bright conditions and they were indeed […]

The early bird gets the worm

With a Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching with a sequence of depressions hurtling like a magnet towards to the UK, the forecast for this morning was nigh on perfect for some large format work but, and there always is a but, low tide was not due at Cattawade Creek until 0830. The forecast for Monday […]

The Greening

I was out and about at 0430 last Sunday in my quest to capture both the ultra low tide on the Stour and the rapidly disappearing industrial complex at Cattawade. Now that I know the site will be a railway depot servicing new Swiss trains for Greater Anglia there is no time to waste. Everyone […]

An abundance of bunds

I had to go out today, I just had to go out. Cabin fever was setting in and this was the first relatively low wind day for yonks. All the large format gear had been well tested and serviced over the weekend but despite the relative calm, it was just too bright and contrasty, and […]