Good Weather

These troughs that keep hitting us are beginning to get on top of my shooting schedule. Dear Lord, did we have some grim stuff over the weekend. I felt for people working at sea as I knocked up dinner for our guests on Saturday night. It is not that often the forecast starts with ‘There […]

Suffering for art’s sake

Today, I’m reminded of why I choose to make most of my landscape work during the Winter months. I was up and out at an ungodly hour yesterday to catch the weeping darkness turn to light. This was an unnecessary but necessary quest. Last August Bank Holiday Monday I was up and out at a […]

Punch drunk on Kodak

I’ve pushed myself of late to get the large format cameras out to make images outside of my normal seasonal window. It is fair to say that finding my desired high pressure windows with little wind has been a struggle but the sheer excitement of making the images using old equipment and the despatch of […]

Our dependency on others

I often wonder at the constant motion our world is forever in, not only the rotating aspect of the planet or the cyclical phase of the moon and stars but of those people who work tirelessly through the night to ensure our expectations are met. That could be anyone from the emergency services through to […]

Out of a dark place

The past six months have been very dark and not just because it was winter. We were the victims of a crime back in October that saw the perpetrator sent down for 3 years 6 months the week before Easter. During that time our focus was on our world and putting what was wronged right […]

Light and light at Felixstowe

I went to a planning meeting today at Landguard. I collaborate with a group of nomadic photographers who exhibit the qualities of cats, and at times exhibit photographs. About the only time we meet up is when there is tea, coffee, cake or bacon butties on offer, otherwise we just do our own thing. This […]

Perfect light between storms

It has been a wild week off and on with troughs ploughing from across the pond and it looks like a polar drift due next week. Topsy-turvy weather patterns play havoc with my wardrobe. One minute I am in Eskimo gear, the next I’m peeling off layers in sweltering in tropical heat, well that is […]

One of the bluest days

I’ve read some stuff lately about the ancients not having a word to describe blue. How much of this is true I do not know but blue does encompass quite a wide part of the spectrum and is a colour I am drawn to. Something else I am drawn to is a bag of chips […]